Encounter Healing & Grace All welcome – bring your friends to join us in a relaxed place to encounter God’s healing grace & drink from the water of life. The Glory Well is a ministry where we love the grace, healing power & presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is named after a story in the Bible which tells of Jesus meeting a Samaritan women at the well. Jesus speaks to her about her life, about who He is and how He can give her living water that will satisfy her thirst. Through this encounter the woman’s life is radically changed. Come and join with us to praise and worship, share the Word and experience the healing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When: Friday 6.30pm Worship Praise Fire Meeting


Messy Church one Saturday monthly
A different kind of church for all ages
Fun Friends Food Stories Music


Where:  8 Byth
Street, Arundel, Gold Coast, Queensland  Call:  Russell 0405 468 344,  Email: rm@theglorywell.org.au 

If you would like to come to a weekday meeting please contact us for various venues and info.