The Well Sails Ministry responds to the love God has for all people. We seek to see all members of the community who participate in The Well Sails, Buderim at the Greenhouse, The Well Sails and SAILS at Bayside activities including children, youth, families, all marginalized and other groups receive healing, empowerment and Reconcilliation for all people.



                         SAILS Awards

Australia Day 2006  “Gold coast Citizen of the Year – Russell McClue”

Community Safety Awards 2005″Best Youth Prevention Program Award”

Qld. State Government 2010  “Schools First Award Partnership”

Qld. State Government 2006  “Queensland Day Award”

SAILS Locations:

The Well Sails Gold Coast  

The Well Sails Beulah at Buderim

Bayside SAILS

“The Glory Well” “The Well Sails Inc” began in 1989 as a Christian Mission and continues with a focus on youth, families at-risk and committment to help and provide social justice and reconciliation in the community, The Well Sails team live by faith and are professionally trained volunteers.

The Well Sails Gold Coast programs:

The Incredible Years parenting program.  An all ages time out event. Regular meetings held at The Glory Well for fellowship and spiritual refreshment.

Regular and school holiday programs in conjuction with Brisbane City Council and Gold Coast City Council. Activites include sailing, kayaking, drama and kite flying.

Residential care for young women and single mums. Drop in centre.

A partnership with Mibbinbah  provides the opportunity for Indigenous men and women to come together and discuss issues openly, such as depression and anxiety

Buderim The Well Sails Beulah at The Greenhouse Programs:

The Greenhouse Includes a place for reconciliation with the local Indigenous community.

Prayers for healing the land,

Reconciliation, making holding crosses, working with men with disabilities.

Bayside The Well Sails Programs:

Support young people and familiesto enjoy time together on land and water  in a safe and supportive Christian environment. Learn more on www.sailsatbayside.com.au

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