Scheduled & School Holiday Programs

We offer a wide variety of community programs, both regular scheduled events and school holiday programs in partnership with the Gold Coast City Council (Get Active Gold Coast) and Brisbane City Council (Active Parks and Chillout).

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Sailing and Kayaking

Monthly sailing and kayaking programs available to all young people and their families. We also offer specific programs for ‘at-risk’ youth.

Join us at Paradise Point!

When:     9.00am – 1.00pm, First Saturday of the month ( February to November)

Where:  Paradise Point Parkland, The Esplanade, Paradise Point

Cost: $10-00

Contact: 0420 811 080 or 0405 468 344

Our water-based program can include;

  • Four catamarans, each under the supervision of a skipper, with room for 2-3 participants depending on the boat size. Participants are encouraged to take the opportunity to learn the basic skills for sailing.
  • Eleven Viking Nemo sit-on-top kayaks are available for use and these are always under the supervision of qualified kayak lifeguards.

We also offer sail training and competitive racing with laser yachts (Varsity Lakes). To participate, contact us for more details.

All team members and participants involved with water based sailing and kayaking activities are fitted with PFD1 safety jackets prior to taking to the water. Participants are encouraged to be wear sunscreen and a marquee is provided for extra shade.

 For SAILS at Bayside Programs visit their website:


Horse Riding with ELLA Springs

Equestrian Vaulting is gymnastics and dance (to music) on moving horses. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Horses are led or perform on a circle, guided by an expert trainer while children practice a variety of gymnastic moves in harmony with the horses movement.

Equestrian Vaulting has benefited a wide range of people who have difficulty fitting into the world, particularly children and adults with social, emotional and developmental disabilities. They learn to develop balance, strength, focus, co-ordination, rhythm, imagination, and adaptability.

Gaining respect from a horse requires trust, compassion, kindness, precision, patience, clarity, confidence and great leadership. For a child or young adult that feel they have little or no control over their environment, this experience with a horse can be empowering.

It is a wonderful sight to see a shy, withdrawn, fearful child standing tall and confident as they sit tall on a majestic 500kg animal.

Equine Learning & Life Adventures – Ella Springs Vaulting Club, Wongawallan, Gold Coast, Qld

Darani 0409 969 113


Drama with Grant Fickel, The Drama Institute

Run by professional actor, director and drama coach Grant Fickel, ‘Make ‘em Laugh’ includes active games, drama, role plays and improvisation activities through comedy acting and drama presentations, all while having heaps of fun! Suitable for 7 – 12 years.

The activities are designed to encourage the discovery, exploration and development of an individual’s natural resources. They focus on the key areas of Communication, Cooperation, Self-Confidence, Teamwork, and Self Expression.

Grant also offers ‘Acting – The Real Thing’ with a focus on how to get work in the acting industry using drama games, improvisation and role plays.

More information at The Drama Institute.


Kite Making, Decorating & Flying with Michael Ambrose

Come and decorate a kite with our acclaimed artist Michael Ambrose, then enjoy flying it in the beautiful surrounds.

For more about Michael Ambrose visit