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The Incredible Years

SAILS offers The Incredible Years program for parents, grandparents and carers on the Gold Coast. It is the program of choice in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Parent training remains the single most effective strategy for preventing behaviour problems and promoting social and emotional competence.



About the Program  

The Incredible Years parent training intervention is a series of programs focused on strengthening parenting competencies (monitoring, positive discipline, confidence) and fostering parents involvement in children’s school experiences in order to promote children’s academic, social and emotional competencies and reduce conduct problems. The Parent Programs are grouped according to age.

The Leader’s manuals for these programs include questions commonly asked by parents, brainstorm and values exercises, role play practice suggestions, home activities and handouts. These manuals can be used when the program is being self-administered by a parent or teacher either at home or in a clinic or school. These manuals may be purchased separately.

The parenting programs are recommended by the American Psychological Association Task Force as meeting the stringent “Chambless criteria” for empirically supported mental health intervention for children with conduct problems and are used extensively.

The “Incredible Years is a research and evidence – based, proven effective program for reducing children`s aggression and behaviour problems and increasing social competence at home and school.

The Incredible Years, our award-winning parent training, teacher training, and child social skills training approaches have been selected by the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention as an “exemplary” best practice program and as a “Blueprints” program.

The program was selected as a “Model” program by the Centre for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP). As such, the series has been subject to numerous randomized control evaluations, evidenced excellent effectiveness, and attained high overall ratings. The program has been recommended by the American Psychological Division 12 Task force as a well-established treatment for children with conduct problems.

Missional and Organisational Statement 

We act on the belief – that a child is the most precious of all human beings, and the ability to withstand the emotional and social challenges as a teenager, clearly rests upon a caring relationship between parent, teacher and child.

The Incredible Years Series Goals 

The Incredible Years Parents, Teachers, and Children Training Series has two long-range goals. The first goal is to develop comprehensive treatment programs for young children with early onset conduct problems. The second goal is the development of cost-effective, community-based, universal prevention programs that all families and teachers of young children can use to promote social competence and to prevent children from developing conduct problems in the first place. The purpose of the series is to prevent delinquency, drug abuse, and violence. The short-term goals of the series are to:

Reduce conduct problems in children:

  • Decrease negative behaviours and noncompliance with parents at home.
  • Decrease peer aggression and disruptive behaviours in the classroom.

Promote social, emotional, and academic competence in children:

  • Increase children’s social skills.
  • Increase children’s understanding of feelings.
  • Increase children’s conflict management skills and decrease negative attributions.
  • Increase academic engagement, school readiness, and cooperation with teachers.

Getting Involved

The Incredible Years Parenting Program is available for enrolments from individuals and groups on the Gold Coast through SAILS.

In addition to the wider community, SAILS also has a stand alone partnership with Education Queensland to enable the program to be facilitated to parents/carers/grandparents who have 4 to 8 year old children attending Coral House – Arundel Early Years Learning Centre.

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