We partner with and support the work of Mibbinbah, a not-for-profit charity working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in Australia. Mibbinbah means ‘mens place’ and provides a safe space for men to meet and discuss the issues that concern them, such as depression and anxiety. These groups are faciliated in local communities. See current locations here.

Their vision is to:

  • Create safe spaces for spirit healing, empowerment, celebration and education and training.
  • Enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to regain their rightful place in society, whatever that may be.

Mibbinbah provides the opportunity for participants to connect with the resources they need to improve and maintain their health and well being. There is also the possibility of moving forward to a place where many more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are in a confident and strong position to make a significant contribution to communities. ‘Mibbinbah’  is part a part of this movement.

For more information please visit www.mibbinbah.org